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This project can be considered to be on an "indefinite hold."

Not a lot of time to do work lately, and there is a lot to revise along the lines of support, but most other things are on hold.

An update may come one day, perhaps in a few months. It's hard to find time to work on top of other thing.

Of course, once the summer comes around for my school, an update will probably come after that. Load of free time and no incentive to get a job.

Until the next update... !

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Patch instructions are included in the readme file in the zip.

Speaking of the patch.

A new update as of today(7/17/06) for the FE6.

The patch is located here:

This new patch encompasses:

Link Arena Menus
Fixed endings(Hopefully?)
Status effects all inserted
Support revision

Now, the opening movie was to be inserted along this patch, but we've run into a mountain larger than we can climb over. To make it short: there's a problem we don't feel like dealing with. We were forced to blank out the opening movie for a full translation sake.

As such, here is the opening movie translation: (courtesy of FIRELIZARD)

In a time when the gods were closer to men...
Eight blessed heroes fought for the future of mankind.

There was a blade guided by the light...
Denizens of evil rising from the dark...
And a precious emblem harboring a sacred flame.

Through many a time and many a space...
The tale of the Fire Emblem continues to live on.

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My summer vacation has started. Ergo, I'll be working on the opening movie just as soon as Twilkitri inserts the bin.

But we HAVE done this:

  • Inserted the status effects for the map

  • Inserted Link Arena menus

  • Revised support scripts

  • Fixed endings a bit more

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    Opening movie font needs a redo. We're going to put words together on the tiles provided and roll like a rock.

    However, you can see the disaster that was the horrifying original font.


    The 'h' or 't' will be made smaller to accomodate the outline of the 'e'

    hopefully this'll work out


    Did another roundabout of chapter scripts and fixed any problematic chapter prologues, not to mention resync them to fit their dialogue.

    Got all the locations properly pinned down and the army names down[MUCH0 THANKS0 2 FireLizard :]](Roy's Army is correct, I swear!).

    Link arena bigtext is done.

    Opening movie... will be done. I finished the font and it has to be inserted, but it's obviously not the prettiest thing on the block.

    EDIT: Patch delayed by Twilkitri's inability to insert the openingmovie.bin.